Beta Open 27 de Septiembre High Five!
Premium Server x50!
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High Five
High Five
Features of High Five x50!Detailed information about the server features!
Forum Discussion
Basic InformationDates and other information
Rates of ServerInformation about Server Rates
Server's ContentNew features , Instances & more
Skills & ClassesChanges on Classes and Skills
EnchantmentItem improvements chances
Clans , Sieges and TWClan Events and Dates
OlympiadGrand Olympiad information
Epic BossesGrand Bosses information
Basic InformationDates and other information
Server Launch 08 de Octubre
OBT Launch 27 de Septiembre
Launch of the new High Five x50!
Dear Players, we prepared for you a brand new Lineage 2 Project High Five x50. Your feedback and support will not be ignored which means that we will work more hard to make the server even better. Join this unique adventure that our project offers to you.
Important Dates!
Grand Opening: 08 de Octubre
OBT (Open Beta Test): 27 de Septiembre
Promotions and Bonuses for players!
Bonuses for Clans!
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Bonuses for Social Media!
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Bonuses for Streamers!
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Bonuses for Voting at TOPZONE!
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Constant Bonuses for Donations!
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Server Concept and More!
We decided to move a bit away from the standart concept of every Mid-Rate bringing to our community new ideas and features which everyone will like. We expect a massive online with MASSIVE EPIC BATTLES.
The server is based on Craft-PvP style our goal is to gather players with a wide variety of preferences in the game and create a more high-quality project. We understand perfectly that "grinding" is an integral part of the game, but we have diluted a bit the boring things to not your experience different and more interesting!
Players should know!
Despite the fact that server rates are x50, the character developement is different than usual. Be prepared for small challenges , overcoming them brings to everyone pleasure!
Forward - for new achievements at!
Server RatesInformation about Server Rates
Exp & SPoint
Adena drop amount
Drop Amount
Spoil Amount
Quest Rewards
Knight Epaulette Drop
Raid Boss
Raid Boss Drop
Epic Boss
Epic Boss Drop
More About the server rates!
Server rates are configured in such a way that farming is best rewarded specially in hard areas.
Ways to speed up your character leveling!
Bying a premium account will increase your rates by 30%.
The Vote Rune will increase your character stats to make your Farm a bit easier. You can get the Vote rune by voting for at TOPZONE Подробнее о голосовании!
Drop guide and Shift + Click!
All drops in game are divided into groups depending on the Item Category. Shift + Click -> Drop will show your Chances of each item your can get from each monster.
Server's ContentServer Process , New Features and More
Server Process
New Features
Get Started on High Five x50
Every Character start in Training Location of Each race.
Every Character start with Newbie Pack NO&D-Grade Shadow Items and 25.000 Adena.
Infinite Soulshots , Blessed Spiritshots , Arrows & Bolts
Community Board (ALT+B) with every service needed to make your Experience Easier and Pleasent.
Every Player is Able to Login 3 Windows per IP/HWID.
Buff Slots: 24+4(Divine Inspiration) , 12 Song & Dances.
Mana Potions restore 800 Mana every 10 Seconds.
Offiline Store & Offline Buffer.
Auto-Learn Skills including Forgotten Skills.
L2Wiki & Raid Boss Status through Community Board (ALT+B).
Hellbound Island Starting Level 11.
Champion Monsters up to Level 75.
Server Commands
.cfg - Player Control Panel.
.changepassword - Change Account Password.
.acp - Auto Potion panel for Automatic use of HP/CP/MP .
.combinetalisman - Combine the talismans u have in Inventory.
.ping - Current Ping of Player.
.repair - Repair character if is stucked.
.offline - For Offline Store.
.7rb - 7rb Progress Status.
.sellbuff - For Offline Buffer.
.openatod - Open Ancient Tomb of Demon Boxes.
.notbuffanim - To remove Skill Animations.
.premium - For Checking the premium in Party.
.autofarm - To open the Auto-Farm System.
.vote - Once you voted for to get your reward.
.dressme - Constumise your chracters visual look.
New Features
In addition to the usual Mid-Rate features we added New Features. Here is some of them!
How to access: From community board [Missions]
Rewards: Daily , Weekly , Monthly Reward Box
Description: Every player is able to Acccept 3 Daily, 1 Weekly, 1 Monthly task. The tasks are randomly given to a player. Task can be Quest , Monster to Kill , Event to Participate , Fortress to take and more.
Good to know: The task's reset daily on server restart for the Daily Missions , For Weekly and Monthly Missions it resets at Start of Week or Start of Month.
VIP System
How to access: From community board [VIP System]
Rewards: Daily VIP Coin which can be used on Prime Shop & More.
Description: Our project offers to our player a new system in-game which can be worth to follow it up. VIP Players can have exclusive stuff with progress. VIP System rewards players with VIP Coins daily depending on VIP Level.
Good to Know: To Access VIP System you need to have VIP Card which sits on an affordable Price.
Auto Farm
How to access: command in-game .autofarm
Description: AutoFarm system of similar to the Newest Lineage 2 Chronicles is a system to help the players during their game. This system is free to use for everyone and is time limited.
Event Boss
How it works: offers you a variety of different bosses spawning randomly on the map and rewards the players that attack the boss with different rewards. All you need to do is hit the boss. Once the boss is dead all players withing 10.000 Radius get flaged.
Our project offers a variety of - Instances.
Free Instances - Retail Instances but modified drops & stats to give to players a more variety.
Hall of Suffering , Labyrinth of Abyss (83) , Seed of Destruction.
Information: The following instances you will be able to join Freely. Hall of Suffering , Labyrinth of Abyss (83) , Seed of Destruction have modified drops/stats and you are able to join daily.
Reset: You are able to re-join this instances every day.
Rewards: Enchant Scrolls , Attribute Crystals , Codexes & More!
Zaken , Frintezza , Freya.
Reset: Zaken Instance Reset: Reset day and time Frintrezza Instance Reset: Reset day and time Freya Instance Reset: Reset day and time.
Extra Rewards: Enchant Scrolls , Giant Codex Mastery , More chance for drop items and more chance for level up Soulrystal.
Server Events Project use a Unique Event Engine where the events on the server are not just a way to get Reward but also to have fun playing them.
Events: Team vs Team (TvT) , Control The Flag (CTF) , Deathmatch (DM) , Treasure Chest (CHEST) , Korean & More!
Time: Every 1 Hour.
Reward: Event Coins depending on Kills , Win or Lose.
Special Events
Events: Race , Eplies Invasion , Gatekeeper , Hide & Seek , Find the Chest , Master of Enchanting & More!
Time: Friday to Sunday organized from Server Staff .
Rewards: Event Coins , Codex , Enchat Scrolls , Transformations , Accesories , Life Stones & More. Interface
We are using Modern High Five Interface, with new Options and Services. On you are not able to join the server Without using our Interface.
6 Skill Bar
New Settings
2 New Inventory Designs
Clear Cache
Radio Player
Screen Damage
Auto Login
New Skill Animations
Party HighLight
New Map and Radar Design
Skills & Classes Changes on Classes and Skills
Class Update:
Sword Singer & Blade Dancer
Updated Bards to create diversity we decided to "combo" Songs/Dance. New Song/Dances are now called Melody
Mass Buffing for this class to give place to this class to be choosed by players. Improved Buffs are Single Target
Updated Skills: Single Target Skills: Increased power for the single target attack skills.
Chain Heal: Added to this class.
New Skills: Final Servitor: Added on this class. War Cry Lv.1: Added on this class.
Fortune Seeker
New Skills: Bluff: Added on this class. Ultimate Evasion Lv.1: Added on this class.
Skill Changes:
Steal Divinity Cancels from 2 to 4 Buffs.
Cancellation Cancels from 2 to 4 Buffs.
Revival Can be used at any Percentage of Life.
Cleanse Can now be learned at level 61.
Fear lowered Duration while enchanted on cost.
Great Fury Increased trigger chance.
Aura Sink Increased power at Max Level.
More info regarding Class Updates/Skills or Balance:
Developer diary
Item ImprovementEnchant Information
Note: use dynamic formula Regarting Enchantement.
Equip Enchant Limit
Safe Enchant - +4.
Maximum Enchant - +16.
Equip Enchant Chances
Normal Scrolls - From +5 43% And Decreasing each enchantement level.
Blessed Scrolls - From +5 47% And Decreasing each enchantement level.
Attribute Stone/Crystal Chances
Stone - 50%.
Crystal - 40%.
Clans , Sieges and TWClan Events and Dates
Don't Forget our Clan Bonus Event more information in our Forum.
Clan & Alliance
- When Created is level- 0.
- Clan Penalties - 2 Hours.
- Academy Reward - 1250 Reputation.
- Automatic Clan Recruitement through Community Board

- Maximum Clans in Alliance - 3.
- Alliance Disolve penalty is - 24 Hours.
Castles & Fortress
- Time for Start Fortress Siege after registration - 1 Hour.
- Only Clan's that are registered on the Fortress Siege can get Rewards.

- Castle Sieges Have 2 Time Waves - 16:00 & 20:00 every Sunday.

Territory Wars:
- Territory War Start - 20:00 every Saturday.
OlympiadGrand Olympiad Information
For Participating at Olympiad you will recieve Olympiad Token.
Attention! Olympiad is HWID protected you are able to join only with 1 character per time.
Information about the Grand Olympiad:
Weekly Period,Heroes are given every Saturday 12:00.
First Olympiad Circle will start - "edit".
First Heroes will Appear - "edit".
In Order to be on the Olympiad List for Heroes you must play 15 Matches.
Olympiad Shop modified to make it more entertaining and bring more players to play olympiad.
Enchant Limit inside Olympiad: +6.
Epic BossesBoss Information
Команда против Команды (1-85 Ур.)
Время проведения: 00:00, 02:00, 04:00, 06:00, 08:00, 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00, 20:00, и 22:00.
Награда: 20 Медалей за Отвагу каждому персонажу из команды победителей.
Бой Насмерть (1-85 Ур.)
Время проведения: 01:00, 03:00, 05:00, 07:00, 09:00, 11:00, 13:00, 15:00, 17:00, 19:00, 21:00 и 23:00.
Награда: 1 Медаль за Отвагу за каждое убийство, но не более 20 за ивент.
Дополнительная награда: 15 Медалей за Отвагу первому месту по убийствам.
Информация об ивентах:
Два ивента запускаются по очереди каждый час.
На ивентах разрешено использовать Community Buffer, но нельзя восстановить CP/HP/MP через него.
Разрешено использовать банки HP/CP/MP/SOUL и сервис ACP.
После телепортации на стадион и при каждом возрождении, во время ивентов, на вас накладывается Noblesse Blessing.
Умение Rush Impact на ивентах имеет статический откат в 5 секунд.
На ивентах не работают клановые и геройские умения.
Epic-BossesGrand Bosses Information
All the Grand Bosses zones are PvP Zones.
When you get closer your character will get automaticly flagged.
Attention! Grand Bosses will be dead on server start First Respawn will be posted on Forum.
Respawn Information:
Queen Ant
Respawn: UP TO DATE.
Fixed Respawn: 19:00 - 20:00
PVP-Zone: Enabled.
Respawn: UP TO DATE.
Fixed Respawn: 19:00 - 20:00
PVP-Zone: Enabled.
Respawn: UP TO DATE.
Fixed Respawn: 19:00 - 20:00
PVP-Zone: Enabled.
Respawn: UP TO DATE.
Fixed Respawn: 19:00 - 20:00
PVP-Zone: Enabled.
Respawn: UP TO DATE.
Fixed Respawn: 19:00 - 20:00
PVP-Zone: Enabled.
Respawn: UP TO DATE.
Fixed Respawn: 19:00 - 20:00
PVP-Zone: Enabled.
Respawn: UP TO DATE.
Fixed Respawn: 19:00 - 20:00
PVP-Zone: Enabled.
Respawn: UP TO DATE.
Fixed Respawn: 19:00 - 20:00
PVP-Zone: Enabled.
This description can be changed during the OBT!